Ultra Short Term or e-Certificate Courses 

These are short term e-certificate Courses offered by InClinition especially for experienced professionals.

ABC of Patents Course by Dr. Mrudula Bele


  1. Intellectual Property and its features, types of IP
  2. Patents and its features
  3. TRIPs, flexibilities in TRIPS and its relation with patents, flexibilities in TRIPs
  4. Criteria of patentability
  5. Territoriality and exhaustion of patents
  6. Things generally not patentable in the world
  7. Indian patent act and its amendments
  8. Things not patentable in India
  9. Indian patent act and the generuc Pharma industry
  10. Section 3d and Pharma
  11. Compulsory licencing
  12. Software and Business Methods
  13. Parts of a patent, patent drafting
  14. Patent filing in India
  15. PCT


  1. Introduction to Production Controls
  2. Deviation Management
  3. Change Control
  4. Formats of Change Control
  5. Format of Deviation Report
  6. Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
  7. Contamination Sources and Control measures

This is 3 hours online training program specially covering ICH Guidelines of Stability (ICH Q1A to Q1E) including basics of stability studies, stability chamber construction, bracketing and matrixing, stability protocol and report format and expiration dating.  This course is suitable for BPharm / BSc  / MPharm / MSc Students and professionals who want to acquire knowledge of stability testing in pharmaceuticals.

This is short term online course for 3 hours which will provide overview of concepts of data integrity in US, EU, MHRA and also on case studies pertaining to data integrity.

This is short term online e-certificate program that provides detailed insight on Computer System Validation (CSV) which is detailed in US 21CFR Part 11

This is 3 hours online training which provides detailed aspect of cleaning validation in Pharmaceutical industry.


  1. What is cleaning ?
  2.  What is cleaning validation ?
  3. Principle of Cleaning Validation
  4. Cleaning Validation Process map
  5. Cleansing agent and types
  6. Types of cleaning
  7. Acceptance criteria for cleaning validation
  8. Tests for cleaning validation
  9. Cleaning validation documentation



  • Get verified e-certificate after you finish examination of the course
  • Video Lectures you can access any time till 1 year.
  • Access through our e-learning portal or even android or ios app
  • Helpful as foundation for industrial pharmacy career
  • Helpful for study of GPAT exam or competitive exams like UPSC, NET, SET