Examination for Scholarship

Examination for Scholarship

  • Purpose of this examination is for screening students before they are enrolled into courses.
  • Test will be of 1 hour duration
  • Total Marks: 50 
  • All questions are compulsory
  • Questions will be related to your subject of graduation.


  1. Go to www.inclinition.in learning portal.
  2. Login using username and password provided to you
  3. Join on Skype using your username
  4. Add skype id:  as exam coordinators co-ordinator's id
  5. Open Join.me software
  6. Provide the join me code to co-coordinator
  7. Then Click on Examination, Click on Attempt the Quiz
  8. It will ask password to you
  9. Just before the exam co-coordinator will provide password to you
  10. Then solve the exam and once you are done submit / finish the attempt
Please do not carry any chits or notes while exam, webcam and microphones are must for solving the exam. 

Computer Requirements:
  1. Any PC or laptop with at least 1 MBPS connection
  2. Skype installed
  3. Join me installed
If you have any questions during examination, call on +917208893250 or +91251-2400397

For getting scholarship, you need to send CV or biodata on info@inclinition.com before appearing this exam.